About Me

me at the japanese gardensI’m Alexandria, my friends call me Alex. I’m a Master’s student at the Oregon State Botany and Plant Pathology department, currently residing in Albany, Oregon. I’m an amateur artist (martial and visual), writer, programmer, and a pretty damn good cook. I’m decent at gardening as well. I own one mutt dog named Allie who is the light of my life and my best friend. This is a website meant to be a collection of my thoughts and projects, we’ll see how well I stick to that goal.

I was born May 9th, 1997 in the small town of Livingston, Montana in Park County. My father, James Otto Boyle, passed a few months after I was born in October of 1997. Soon after, my mother converted to Fundamentalist Christianity, and decided me and my three younger half-brothers should be homeschooled. I left home at 18 and moved to Bozeman, took a few years to learn how to be a human being, and received my GED in 2019, when I was 22. I started college at Montana State the fall afterwards, recieving my Bachelor’s degree in Plant Biology May of 2023.

Currently, I’m putting my effort towards completing my Master’s degree and building strong lifetime relationships. I currently enjoy perfecting my cooking skills, hanging out with my dog, working on various sewing/art projects, and playing video games when I have the time.


okay here’s some stuff i’ve made

I’m working on a novel right now. You can read it here (I’m writing it directly from the google doc): Yeoman (a story about personal responsibility) WARNING: there is swearing/drug use/alcohol.

You can read other things I’ve written here. I’m not going to bother warning you about the content, besides bad writing.

I know I make posts on here, but my more personal blog is here. I don’t post to it very often. I made my profile when I was a teen and no, I’m not changing it. I think it’s cute.

My visual art gallery can be viewed here.

IMPORTANT! You can view images of my perfect, sweet dog Allie here. You’re welcome


If you want to know way too much about my interests: here’s my letterboxd, my spotify, and my storygraph accounts. I’m sorry.

This is a collection of cool stuff I’ve found over the years. It’s very disorganized. LAST UPDATED: 10/29/23

The Botanical Accuracy site - a blog listing common botanical faults in media etc. It’s a pretty neat read.

The Serendipity Gospels. - A homestuck fanfiction that should be regarded as classic literature (I’m not joking).

Bonus! Rob’s Transformers 2 F.A.Q. - just read it

The Ballad of Fast Part One: The Truth of Beautiful Speed

SCEPCOP - debunking criticism of the paranormal!

Aleph’s Heretical Domain - a blog I’ve kept up with over the years. Pretty interesting stuff.

tongues -a short film that I believe incompasses the struggles of adolescence in Christianity quite well.

Michael Moore’s Herbalism - bunch of herbalism resources

coding - uh, here’s my coding playlist. it’s bad.

raocow - a little know let’s player that I’ve been watching for the better part of a decade

cyberdeck cafe - one day i’ll get around to building one of these

Sylvie - one of my favorite indie game devs (cat planet!)

anti software software club - making social media a lil better